Browser Hijack Retaliator (BHR)

BHR has the following features

Language Support

The only language that BHR have been well tested is English. So please understand that no guarantee for the support of other languages of Windows.

Un-installation support

Trouble Shooting

Problem : Error message "Unable to get a handle on file".

Solution :

This is a problem related to the hosts file.
The hosts file in your computer has missing before BHR's Installation.

First you can download a fresh copy of the windows Host file from BHR web site.
Download hosts file for   9x/Me   NT/2K/XP  (Right click-> 'Copy Shortcut'-> past in to your default download managers 'add download' .
Then follow the below steps to install the new hosts file.

Exit Browser Hijack Retaliator.
Extract file to your desktop
Copy the extracted Host file by righclick and selecting copy.
Type " Drivers " in the " Run " Dialog box.
Now the folder Drivers will be opened .
Now open "etc" folder under that.
past it in to the " etc " Folder (currently opend).

    A windows 2k/2k3/XP view of the Hosts file

Now run BHR again using your Desktop / Start menu shortcut.

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